BESpoke provision

- When you need a solution that needs to meet your particular circumstances...

Ideal for:-

  • LEA’s or schools with a regular need for provision for 6 or more students in a key stage.
  • Organisations and Businesses with an educational need including those who might require flexible arrangements.
  • Consortia of schools requiring a solution for a shared class.
  • Individual schools or groups of schools seeking provision for lower demand subjects or those wishing to extend their curriculum whilst avoiding the expense of employing a specialist teacher.
  • Schools who have been unable to employ a specialist teacher for a timetabled class or have a sudden teacher departure to contend with. (A suitable suite of PC’s will, of course, be necessary for an on line solution).
  • Schools or local consortia who have several students on flexible programmes who are unable to attend their normal timetabled sessions. Perhaps requiring core subjects to be squeezed in to 2 or three specific days in the week.
  • State and independent schools wishing to provide revision classes at any time of year to groups of students to support the achievement of targeted grades.
  • Primary schools seeking a solution to their language needs.


The above represent only a few of the more obvious possibilities. If your need can be met by using an online teaching solution please contact us and we will be delighted to speak to you or visit you to discuss possibilities.

With all our bespoke solutions the final programme and the price will depend entirely on the needs of each client. As all our provision is on line, it will require students to have access to appropriate hardware and a good broadband connection. Any additional supervision requirements for students on site will be the responsibility of the client.